Sameena In Green Paradise, On An Adventurous Trek With Thrillophilia!

Sameena In Green Paradise, On An Adventurous Trek With Thrillophilia!

"I travel frequently and despise regularity."- The mindset of a passionate traveller when it comes to life and travel. This story belongs to one such passionate traveller, Sameena Naaz.

Sameena Naaz is a traveller at heart, and one of those who has an insatiable desire to travel and discover new places. After visiting several destinations in the past, including the Andaman Islands, the Maldives, and North India, and participating in activities such as hiking, snorkelling, and scuba diving with her husband and friends, this thrill-seeker women, from Bangalore now has the exhilarating journey to Everest Base Camp on her bucket list. She proudly acknowledges that she was the one who instilled in her friends and hubby the desire to travel. On the other side, she adds that without her friends, whom she refers to as "the craziest people," she would not be the traveller she is today.

Sameena is constantly on the search for new experiences in new places, and Kudremukh Trek was the next excursion on the agenda this time. God's plans, on the other hand, rarely match with our carefully set out plans, and this is usually a good thing. The Kudremukh Trek was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, so Sameena was persuaded to go on the Kodachadri Trek instead, offered by Thrillophilia. Kodachadri is a high peak (height – 1343 m above sea level) located in the western ghats of the south Indian state of Karnataka. Her group consented to the revised plan as well, despite their initial scepticism and disappointment. When she thinks about that decision now, she pats herself on the back.

The Games Begins

Sameena and her group arrived at the Kodachadri Trek pickup site, where two buses awaited a party of around 30 individuals. The adventure began with a lighthearted and quick introduction by the organisers, which was followed by some fascinating tales of travel experiences recounted by the participants. This story-telling workshop proved to be a fantastic way to bring strangers together and become friends. The party arrived at the homestay at 6 a.m., where they intended to relax for a while because it had been raining non stop throughout their drive, making the start of the tour even more thrilling.

Yet Another Stage

"My spirit was restless waiting for the experience while my body relaxed at the homestay," Sameena recounts. And it was finally time for the big day.

After a delicious breakfast, Sameena and the rest of the party set off on their hike at 8:30 a.m. After a short way, the company came to a water stream that they were instructed to cross by stepping on a tree plank, which all of them did. That's when they understood they'd arrived at the start of the actual voyage. The hike led them through lush landscapes, with cool breezes filling their lungs. “We began hearing shouts from fellow hikers shortly after entering the woodland region. 'Leeches' was the cause. We got rid of the leeches with considerable effort and marched ahead with increased zeal." said Sameena.

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After a 2-hour hike, the company came to a beautiful residence surrounded by thick foliage, where they were offered delicious tea. Their adventure became more lovely from there, as they came across a number of streams running through the jungle. The sight of the majestic Hidlumane Falls, which left everyone mesmerised, became the nicest part of the journey for Sameena. They continued their adventure by ascending the slope alongside the waterfall after capturing the sight in their hearts and photos.

Again after a 2-hour journey, the party arrived at the lunch spot, where they were lavished with mouth-watering warm cuisine. Because the top wasn't far away, the pause was filled with enthusiasm and expectation.

The Desired Location

Sameena and the group finally arrived at Kodachadri Peak, the abode of clouds, after enjoying innumerable laughs and overcoming hurdles thrown their way by the hike. The breathtaking panorama awaited the party after they reached the summit. The thrill of being at the top was too much for them to bear.

"The weather on Kodachadri Peak was spectacular. However, the deep mist that surrounded the hills obscured the vistas. Regardless, the sense of being there was beautiful," Sameena says.

Sameena, on the other hand, finally understood why things don't always go our way, and she came to the conclusion that it was for the best that they occurred to embark on this journey. The party took a jeep journey back to the base camp - the guesthouse after basking in the perfect beauty of Kodachadri and getting some fantastic shots to preserve the memories in frames.

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The next morning, after a hearty breakfast at the guesthouse, they went to Nagara Fort and then drove back to Bangalore. Sameena and the group later thanked Thrillophila by saying, “I was satisfied remembering all the joyful times I'd shared with my friends during the previous two days. We're all grateful to Thrillophilia for providing us with such a wonderful time, complete with excellent accommodations and cuisine." This trek to Kodachadri left all of them spellbound and wanting more of it.

Major Highlights Of The Trip

Though the entire ride was enjoyable for them, the one best moment for them was when they performed silly charades on the bus and danced nonstop. Apart from reaching the summit of Kodachadri, the most memorable moment for them occurred when they passed by Hidlumane Waterfalls on our journey to Kodachadri. The group quoted, “Everything was so mesmerising to see, as well as we enjoyed every bit of the trekking experience." Sameena and her group are excited to travel with Thrillophilia again after such a memorable experience.

Sameena, a seasoned traveller, provided some tips for our readers:

  • Dress in a way that is appropriate for the weather.
  • Always have a first-aid kit with you.
  • To avoid being bitten by leeches at the market, dress in complete track pants.

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