A Romantic Journey Of Taneja In Himalayan Terrain With Thrillophilia!

A Romantic Journey Of Taneja In Himalayan Terrain With Thrillophilia!

Taneja believes that he is the happiest when he is riding a bike, as the wind caresses his face and he can feel the rush of adrenaline in his body. By profession a business analyst, the young man from Hyderabad has a sharp mind and a passion for travelling. His other love is riding a bike and whenever he gets the chance to mix both of them together, he does not miss it. While travelling around the globe, he finds himself at vibrant destinations, and if he gets to travel on his bike - well it's a lucky trip !

Taneja believes that the best trips happen unexpectedly, the ones where you haven't dotted everything down to the second. It is because of the thrill and excitement, the fact that anything is possible - the trip is a success. It's his goal that wherever he travels, it either challenges him or brings him joy. It is this thought that pushed him to take the trip to Himalaya, on a bike. "Most of us spend our days locked in our rooms, our offices and our heads buried into work. So rarely we find the chance to take on an adventure or get out of our comfort zone." Taneja adds, "Only we ourselves can decide to take the unfamiliar roads and make sure we follow them to a better place." And then he booked his Khari pass trek with Thrillophilia. The Trek package covers the areas of Joshimath, Nanda Devi Peak, Ganga River, Auli, and the distance of the entire Kuari Pass itself.

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While it does sound like a pilgrim, the trek is a great way to explore one of the most happening locations in North India. Taneja was excited and happy for his trip, waiting for days for it to begin.

Choosing The Kuari Pass

Even if you have visited the Himalayas before, you will find an unfamiliar and exhilarating experience awaiting you at this trek. The gorgeous landscapes of the Himalayas, the lush green pastures, the white glistening snow capped peaks, the chilly winds and the dense Pune forests feel like heaven has assembled on earth. The main reason for Taneja to take this trek was because he wanted to test his limits. It was his way to deduce if he can take on the untamed landscapes of the Himalayas, and if he is fit enough to take on more tricky treks in future. Cherry on top, the Kuari pass is known to be a medium difficulty level pass even for the novice trekkers. So when Taneja chose this trek, he ensured that he would accomplish his goal and get used to the higher altitudes and the experience that these terrains offer. The best part was he got to explore all this on his bike.

The Highlights Of Kauri Pass

Kuari is nestled in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. The Trek route generally starts from Nanda Devi and covers the area of Dronagiri, Joshimath, etc. The Trek covers some of the oldest forests in the region and the dense forests are populated by oaks, rhododendrons etc. The mesmerising trek has an abundance of green pastures, vivid plateaus and steep slope, testing the skills of trekkers. The view from the top kept Taneja and the group motivated, for it is surreal and breathtakingly beautiful. The scenery is a mesmerising amalgamation of two different kinds of backdrop, and this makes the whole vibe of this trek unique.

The Best Campsites

The campsites were amazing, comfortable and had a great view of the whole Himalaya terrain. We could easily see the high peaks covered in snow and get a glimpse of the green dense forests from our tents. The Thrillophilia campsite was nestled at Chitrakatha, which is surrounded by thick green forests. The sunset and sunrise is wonderful from the campsite, as the majestic mountains make for an amazing backdrop and the green forests add to its charm in the foreground.

Views From The Mountains

While on the trek, the group gets a clear view of Mount Nanda Devi, the Dronagiri and the splendid scenery takes their breath away. The locals are mostly shepherd's in this region and they are always welcoming the tourists with open arms.

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The Trek Begins

"I was thrilled to begin the trek of the Kuari pass and put my skills to test. In addition to this our guide had hyped up the scenery of the trek so much that I could not wait anymore. I wanted to start my journey towards the pass and get to see the enchanting scenery."

Day 1

The bike ride began early in the day as we had to travel to Joshimath, which was approximately 260kms away. We started our journey at 6 in the morning, all of us driving cautiously in the damp and foggy morning. Before we knew it, we were stopping at Devprayag where we went sightseeing at the sangam of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers. These two together make the mighty river Ganga.

The group and Taneja stayed there for a few minutes, praying to the Ganga and then continued their journey onwards. The group will never forget the enchanting view they got to witness at the sangam. This day was probably one of the longest rides for Taneja, and on his way he explored many dhabas at the highway and off roads.

Day 2

The group continued their bike rides towards their first campsite. In the morning after approximately 12kms they reached the small village Dhak, where Theri trek was beginning from. At this spot Taneja and the group enjoyed exploring the desne green forests and had fun at the slopes.

"We reached our first campsite Chitrakantha around sunset. The beautiful shades of the sky, the majestic and mesmerising backdrop - it all was the perfect welcome for me and my fellow riders."

Day 3

Day 3 was a small trek of 6kms from our campsite. In the morning we all were excited and enthusiastic and this was followed by a light exercise session where we wanted to warm up our bodies. We enjoyed a hearty meal at the campsite and then we left for our Tali Top trek - a 6km journey of spectacular scenery, dense forest mountain and wonderful ridges. The view was amazing at the top, and the group was awestruck by the magnificent view.

Day 4

On Day4 Taneja and his fellow riders began the journey from Tali Top, and entered the forests to khullar. The ascent from this campsite was a tough one and it was hard to breathe after a certain point. The group however did complete the trek, huffing and puffing out their lungs. They were greeted by frigid winds that embraced them, as they witnessed one of the most stunning views of their life. The Nanda Devi peak was covered in a thick blanket of snow and it was a beautiful sight. The group hung out at the top for a while and even went to the place where river Ganga merged into river Alaknanda. After spending some great moments at the peak, they began their descent to the Tali Top.

Day 5

On Day 5 the group had to return to Joshimath from Tali, but they took a little detour. Instead of the direct way, they were to go through the beautiful destinations: Auli, Rishi Ganga River and then to Joshimath. Once they reached Auli, Taneja could not believe his eyes. The golden brown layers of the Auli ski slopes were absolutely mesmerising, even more so as they were covered in the white snow. A few people in the group, including Taneja, decide to plan their next trip to Auli.

Day 6

The beautiful and adventurous trek of Kuari Pass ends on this day and that leaves the group a little gloomy. The 6 days they spent together on their bikes in the laps of mother nature had brought them close. When sharing his experience of the trip Taneja exclaimed, "Even though I had thought that the trek would be super difficult, it wasn't the case. It was not entirely easy, but I had fun exploring the different terrains, navigating through the changing landscapes and I will never forget this trip."

Taneja's Experience

"I have never felt so alive, I was loving every second of the trek. Even the ones where I couldn't catch my breath that easily, I love the moment. If I ever get the opportunity to return to this trek, I will without any doubt. For now I have decided to look for more treks to cover with my friends."

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