Srushti's Family Trip To Blissful Coorg With Thrillophilia!

Srushti's Family Trip To Blissful Coorg With Thrillophilia!

Mysore-based Srushti Chethan is the type of all-rounder whom everyone admires. She is an M.Tech graduate who worked as an Assistant Professor before giving birth to her little one, whom she now has to care for 24 hours a day. Singing, dancing, and drawing are some of her hobbies, and they assure that her time flies by in the blink of an eye, yet each minute is full of joy and vitality.

Srushti's trip stories are a tribute to her enthusiasm for travelling, as she is also a food and travel fanatic. For overseas trips, she visited Malaysia, Langkawi Island, and Singapore, as well as India's Goa, Mumbai, Coorg, and Ooty.

Her family's journey to Coorg in the latter week of May was exactly the kind of trip that drew everyone closer together. The 20 passengers, who ranged in age from two to sixty, were all enthused about the trip, which added to the enjoyment. Everyone in the family was on the same page, which promised a lot of fun and some lifelong memories.

Coorg It Is!

Coorg, commonly known as "India's Scotland," is a renowned hill station and weekend vacation destination for residents of South India. Srushti chose Coorg as the location for her family excursion because of the rich scenic splendour of the region, which includes waterfalls, mountains, foggy forests, and lush flora. Coorg promised guests serenity and adventure as a sanctuary situated in the lap of nature, prompting them to plan a 20-person family trip to the site through Thrillophilia.

Srushti and her family left early in the morning from Mysore. They stopped in Hunsur for a hearty breakfast on their way to Coorg. They continued on till they came to a halt at Bylakuppe's Golden Temple. The air here was spiritual, providing Srushti and others with a peaceful environment. They also went to the Namdroling Monastery, which is now one of India's greatest Buddhist centres. When she saw the massive, gold-coated idols of Lord Buddha, she was entranced. The market outside was a great location to go shopping and get a sense of the local culture. The market, which was brimming with ornaments, handicrafts, and artefacts, enchanted the tourists.

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They came upon sites of interest one after the other and took numerous photographs. Nisargadhama, an island constructed by the Cauvery River, offered guests adventurous sports such as boating and elephant rides.

One-Stop Homestay!

Srushti had made a reservation at a homestay in Kakkabe, Coorg. Greenery and coffee farms are lined on the road leading towards the exciting homestay. It had begun to rain fiercely by the time they arrived at their homestay. As it rained and the vegetation sprouted its lush foliage in all directions, the beauty around the homestay attracted Srushti and her family. The owners of the homestay told Srushti that it was the first rain of the season. The guesthouse was completely immersed in the tranquil canvas of nature, with a coffee estate in one direction and green hills in the other. The estate's owners had planted cardamom and pepper in addition to coffee, and everyone went through it before it became dark and started to rain.

Srushti Showing Rain, Who’s the Boss!

Outside, it was pouring heavily, and the weather seemed ideal for a cup of hot coffee. The plan for a bonfire was put on hold due to the constant rain. Srushti and the others, on the other hand, had plenty of ways to keep their spirits up and amusing themselves while under the roof. They turned to indoor activities like carrom, ludo, and chess to pass the time. Antakshari and Dumb Charades were part of the fun. The "Passing the Parcel" game reached its pinnacle when the person in possession of the ball was forced to demonstrate their abilities. Everyone danced their hearts out and amused others with various antics, creating a fun-filled evening. After a delectable dinner, everyone retired to their beds in anticipation of an exciting day ahead.

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Despite the fact that the next day's rains cancelled their intentions to embark on the Tadiandamol Trek, everyone had a good day at the coffee estate. They learned about coffee farming on the fields of coffee plantations. A trip to a local pond with clean water added to their sense of calm. Everyone enjoyed playing volleyball and cricket in the garden while the rains stopped for a brief period. They had a lovely time at the homestay, and they thanked the proprietors before heading to Talacauvery in Bhagamandala, which is one of Karnataka's holiest destinations.

The temple, dedicated to Lord Agastheswara, is visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year. Srushti and family climbed the Brahmagiri Hills, which offered them a splendid view from the top. They proceeded to Bhagandeshwara temple and had ‘prasadam’ for lunch.

Throughout the year, a great number of tourists visit the temple devoted to Lord Agastheswara. Srushti and her family climbed the Brahmagiri Hills, which provided them with a breathtaking vista.

They went to the Triveni Sangam and sprinkled river Cauvery water on their heads, believing that the practice would wash away their sins. Everyone prayed to the Lord for forgiveness for any sins they may have committed, both knowingly and unknowingly, during the emotional and spiritual moment. After the rite, they drove 18 kilometres over treacherous hilly roads to Mandalpatti. As clouds drifted about Srushti and the surrounding area, the adventure reached an all-time high.

They returned to Mysore at 11 p.m. after witnessing the spectacular sunset from the vantage point there.

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Srushti has been missing the scenery, the coffee estate, and the fun they had at the guesthouse since she returned. Her extensive bucket list includes Indian destinations such as Kullu and Manali, Ladakh, and Kashmir. In the future, she wants to visit Mauritius, Maldives, Bali, Thailand, and Dubai.