Abhiram And Friends Conquering Tadiandamol With Thrillophilia!

Abhiram And Friends Conquering Tadiandamol With Thrillophilia!

Since becoming a part of the Karnataka Heritage Tour in January 2018, Abhiram Jogadenu, a Bengaluru resident, has discovered a new love for travel. The historical tour took in all of Karnataka's main temples, with Abhiram's favourite part being the weather in January.

"The fantastic weather I witnessed during the historical trip piqued my interest in travel, and I've been travelling Bengaluru and the neighbouring regions ever since," says Abhiram, an electronics enthusiast.

Abhiram is also a thrill seeker and an adrenaline addict who loves to go on adventures. He had visited Nepal's Poon Hill climb during his undergraduate years. Since then, he's been on the lookout for exciting treks around Bengaluru, and he's finally settled on the Tadiandamol Trek in Coorg to put his mettle to test with Thrillophilia.

Any trip would not be completed without friends, and Abhiram would not have been able to enjoy the Tadiandamol walk without his friends. He enlisted the help of two of his pals for the adventure, and the three of them were all ready to go.

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The Start Of A Journey - A Friendship And Adventure Journey

Abhiram and his two companions were taken up from Indira Nagar, and it was then that they met their other hikers. It only took a few hours to break the ice with them, as everyone quickly began conversing and getting along nicely. They arrived at their guesthouse in Suntikoppa the next morning to torrential rain. After a hot shower, the trekkers ate a breakfast of Kabudu (rice balls), porridge, eggs, and dal, which was prepared by the locals.

After a hearty breakfast, Abhiram along with his friends, and other trekkers, eagerly set off for the trek's starting site. The trekkers arrived at the starting place after a two-hour drive from the guesthouse, where the supervisors divided them into three groups before beginning the hike. The walk had begun, and it had been a fun-filled adventure as the trekkers engaged with one another and shared their life stories.

The walk was becoming more thrilling, as the first point of attraction, waterfalls, appeared. The hikers paused near the rushing waters, not wanting to lose an opportunity to take photographs near the spectacular waterfalls. Abhiram also dived into the waterfalls, which actually sent shivers down his spine! He claims that it was the finest decision he made on the journey, and says, "Due to the regular rains, we were soaked for virtually the whole walk." "Getting wet in the waterfalls made no difference; it only added to the thrill."

High On Nature!

Abhiram and his companions had no idea how quickly they mounted the mountain, thanks to the wonderful company that they had in the form of fellow hikers who continued chatting with them and kept them hooked. Cold gusts blasted at the summit, giving Abhiram a sense of accomplishment for having conquered the massive peak. They were the first group to summit the peak that day, allowing them to spend extra time at each scenic location along the way.

Due to the inclement weather, Abhiram and his fellow hikers took photos at the peak and opted to descend. During the descent, they stopped at several locations and spent time taking photographs. They gently removed the leeches as they approached their bus so as to ensure that they did not hurt their bodies. While being awed by the surrounding vegetation, the hikers changed their wet garments, put on their dry ones, and proceeded for lunch.

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They arrived at the homestay in the evening, took a hot shower, and recounted their stories over supper. The exchanges simply served to guarantee that the trekkers got along well and had a good time together on the excursion, creating lifetime memories. The fatigued hikers fell asleep early that night, anticipating the exciting day ahead of them the next morning.

Relax And Observe

The trekkers discovered serenity around the guesthouse when they awoke early the next morning, as it was surrounded by rich foliage and the weather was wonderful. They set off to tour the nearby coffee estates after a short breakfast. Abhiram was conflicted since he had neglected to bring his phone to the idyllic coffee estate.

Due to time limits, everyone had to vote in order to choose their next location, and they all agreed on Harangi Dam because two of the dam's four gates were open, providing an amazing view of the gushing dam waters. Abhiram and his buddies arrived at the dam and took photographs. They went shopping after spending a great time at the dam. To obtain a true sense of Coorg, they bought coffee, spices, mineral oils, local wine, and handcrafted chocolate.

Abhiram and his buddies took advantage of everything the town had to offer, and they were overjoyed. They began their return journey to Bengaluru. They enjoyed a hearty dinner near Srirangapatna on their way to Bengaluru. Abhiram and his pals embarked on a two-day excursion of serenity and adventure.

Abhiram, who wants to feel the true essence of India, is planning a trip to a rural region to satisfy his wanderlust. Abhiram suggests this place to all the people who love adventure trips.

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