The Ultimate Adventure Of Sushil In Hampta Pass With Thrillophilia!

The Ultimate Adventure Of Sushil In Hampta Pass With Thrillophilia!

“Somewhere between the lower part of the ascension and the highest point is the response to the secret why we climb.”

Sushil Dhaigude is an IT graduate with a bachelor's degree in computer science. He is a full-time professional photographer that specialises in travelling, weddings, street and landscape photography as well. He is a nomad spirit who enjoys visiting new locations and experiencing nature's splendour.

Sushil has been a professional photographer for over eight years and has a talent for predicting which location will fascinate him the most and transport him to another universe with its beauty. Finally, after conducting extensive study on sites to visit and shoot, he decided to visit the Hampta Pass along with his friends.

It's More Fun When You Do It With Your Friends

Sushil, who generally loves to travel alone and explore quiet locations to find peace, decided to travel with his buddies this time, because the destination was all about having fun with individuals who share the same interests as yours.

"They're like brothers to me, and I couldn't fathom going to Hampta Pass without them. They've always been at my side, and I wanted to take them up Hampta Pass to make my adventure more unforgettable. They're all a lot of fun!", Sushil quotes, praising his idea to organise a group trip to the Hampta Pass. He further explained, "I chose the Hampta Pass as my journey destination, because of my passion for trekking, mountains, and bone-chilling cold. He and his friends were all quite delighted to go all the way from Pune to create lifelong memories in the midst of nature at this point."

The Journey To Hampta Pass Is Exhausting Yet Exciting

Travelling from Pune to Delhi and then to Manali must have been a lengthy and exhausting journey. His pals, on the other hand, kept each other psyched up and provided a variety of amusement. They were quite comfortable with one other because they had known each other for years and set off from Pune to create lifetime memories.

Sushil and his hiking enthusiast buddies arrived at Manali through Delhi, well prepared for the arduous task of trudging across slick roads and inclement weather. The same unpredictability drew them in and astonished them throughout the tour.

Sushil and his friends were ready for the adventure, so the travel bags were quickly changed into hiking bags.  By this time, Thrillophilia had taken hold of them, and they were whisked away to the Hampta Pass trek's base camp.

Due to the unexpected nature of the trek, the lads opted to stock up on necessities and walking sticks at the local market to make their journey over rough terrain easier. They marched towards the peak, accompanied by professional guides, as soon as they realised their preparations for the major expedition were on track.

The strolling pace was at first quick as the new legs started investigating. Nonetheless, the heart, atmospheric conditions and a tiring excursion to arrive at the headquarters had now begun dropping hints. Their plight was made worse by the rough terrain. It was a revitalising meal that came out of nowhere to boost their energy levels just as things were starting to become tricky.

Sushil likewise went on to thank the Thrillophilia team for organising a delectable feast in the mountains. Having gotten the expected tonic, they were prepared to walk, again.

As they travelled through difficult terrains and streams along the route, the excursion was full of adventure and excitement. The companions took a break at the tents after trekking for about three hours.

Sushil, being a photographer and nature enthusiast, took advantage of the chance to take photos outside the tent. In the bitter cold, Sushil kept himself occupied by photographing the clear sky, which was ornamented by a billion stars gazing back at him. Star looking, as indicated by Sushil, was never a so profoundly hypnotising undertaking for him.

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His companions had a good time that evening as they shared their background and had tasty supper effectively gone with the tell-all stories of the friends.

Despite occasional bouts of exhaustion, the pals were unconcerned about the trek's difficulty. They had finally arrived at the peak, and they were ecstatic and euphoric.

The view at the peak of Hampta Pass was breathtaking, and it was well worth the agony and effort it took to get there. As Sushil recalls, the Hampta Pass was one of the most appealing sites on the tour. The snow-covered mountain peaks fascinated Sushil and his buddies despite the bitter cold.

Chandratal Mysticism

All of them took photographs at the peak of the Hampta Pass and had a break before continuing on to Chandratal Lake. According to Sushil, the route to Chandratal Lake was the most adventurous portion of the voyage. He adds, "The rough terrain investigation to arrive at Chandratal Lake was one gutsy excursion as the landscapes tested Sushil and his companions at each step".

The tranquil waters of the Chandratal Lake mirrored the huge mountains in the background, creating a unique image. The lake, nestled between the steep mountains, like a lovely stone on a necklace. On the way back on the trip, practically each of Sushil's companions slipped on the troublesome landscape, which guaranteed humorousness in the mountains.

Overall, the ride was full of thrills and chills, as well as amazing peace. The varied vistas of snow and greenery from the neighbouring mountains delighted the guests. Sushil fell in love with nature all over again because of the bitter cold in the mountains.

The guests were pushed and their adrenaline levels were taxed on the Hampta Pass walk, yet the serene Chandratal Lake filled the air with serenity.

The sky gazing activity is the most beautiful thing that Sushil misses the most after returning from the walk, and also the photographer in him is looking forward to capturing more night images of the stars on his forthcoming adventures. His to-do’s list, which is an interminable issue, checks upper east India as his next movement destination.

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