Geetika Joshi Confessing Her Love For Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

Geetika Joshi Confessing Her Love For Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

Love Letter, From Ladakh!

"We both decided to sneak into a stranger's property to pick some fresh green apples and plums from the trees directly. The whole experience was unique, and the fruits were so ripe and juicy, so much better than what we had brought from the market previously." The tale of Geetika and her husband's journey to the Land of High Passes is full of such unique and laughable confessions.

This story is about the Ladakhi Love letters that Geetika Joshi and her husband wrote in the valleys of this spectacular area.

Meet The Main Character

We all have one of those friends or acquaintances or even that one person added on our social media accounts which is always on the go. Every month there's a new destination in their stories, new roads, beautiful cafes, popular tourist attractions, and we all wonder how they are on vacation, again!

Geetika Joshi is the same friend who we all envy and want to be at the same time. She is a corporate trainer by profession, but her true passion and happiness lie in traveling around the globe and making memories. While discussing her experience of this trip, we jokingly questioned her if she sleeps in a travel bag all the time, even at home. Geetika laughed loudly before replying to our question, "I do not do that, but I do spend most of my waking hours planning where I will be traveling next."

The bucket list of this travel enthusiast has adventurous beach activities and snow-covered peaks one after the other. She wishes to go scuba diving at the coast of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, watch the sky turn different shades during the Aurora Borealis in Finland, and maybe ski on one of the majestic peaks of Austria. Geetika's favorite quote is, "I am in love with cities I have never been to, and people I have never met."

The Beginning Of A Love Story

Ladakh is among those popular tourist destinations that each and every person wishes to visit at least once in their lifetime. This curiosity has been increased thanks to the many scenic and mesmerizing stories going around on social media platforms. Travel enthusiasts and vacationers make their way to this heavenly holiday spot and seeing them, all of us get inspired at least once to take a trip to the valleys.

Just like many others, Geetika, too, wanted to plan an unforgettable vacation to the beautiful valleys of Ladakh, and for that she was always on the lookout for the best deals, tour packages, and flights to the Land of High Passes. Her confession after her trip was honest and somewhat expected. "Visiting Leh was one of the biggest goals on my bucket list. After all, it is one of the most mesmerizing tourist destinations of all time." However, her planning the trip and executing it wasn't such an easy task. After thorough research and going through a lot of different options from many travel companies, Geetika finally found the one that best suited her needs. Thrillophilia offered a fantastic package for her dream destination in her budget.

The Final Paragraph

The journey started in Bhopal in the middle of August as the couple boarded the flight to Leh from the Bhopal airport. The next day they had reached Ladakh, the beginning point of their tour in the valleys. Unaware of the tale that was to unfold, the couple had embarked on a journey of love and beautiful stories that were to be shared between the three, Geetika, her husband, and Ladakhi culture.

The following 7 days and 6 nights of the journey was a beautiful love story set amidst the backdrop of the beautiful locales of the valley of Leh. Its white sands on the land of Nubra and the pristine blue waters of Pangong Lake make for the perfect background, and romance flourished under the beautiful blue sky of Ladakh

All About Leh

The couple's first moment in Leh began the very second their plane landed at the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport. As soon as the Ane touched the ground, the announcement panel lit up, and the crew listed a few pointers, including the restriction on taking any pictures at the airport.

However, none of this dampened the excitement and joy the couple felt at landing in Leh. A fantastic experience and a beautiful journey awaited them. The strength of the towering mountain peaks echoes throughout the adventurous and stunningly lush green valleys. A few seconds in the midst of these valleys, the heart wants to stay forever in the beautiful locales of Leh.

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Geetika and her husband continued their trip and were transferred to their already booked hotel, where they were supposed to rest and complete the acclimatization process in a day. Due to the drastic changes that occur with the altitude and weather of Leh, the body needs its time to get used to it. During this day, they both decided to keep it light and took a walk in the neighborhood with its scenic views and explored the locales on their own. They even caught a beautiful sunset when out strolling in the gorgeous lanes of Leh. Their tour started the minute light hit their window panes on the second day. The couple got up, got ready, and left for the journey to the famous monasteries and stupas in the city. The calming atmosphere and rich cultural history at these beautiful buildings took the couple off their feet. They were stunned and relaxed in these gorgeous locations, wanting never to leave.

Scribbles On The White Sands

Nubra is known for its white sands in the middle of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, and this location is one of the most beautiful places that the couple visited on their trip. On day 3 of their tour, Geetika and her husband continued forward on their journey and crossed the Khardung La Pass. This amazing pass is known for being the highest motorable pass, and via this, the couple reached Hundur the same afternoon.

The couple was amazed by the rare double-humped camels that can only be found in the Nubra Valley, India. They went on a ride on this fantastic and unique creature and enjoyed every minute of it.

The Trip To Pangong Lake

The final destination of Geetika and her husband was the beautiful landscape of Pangong Tso. The clear blue sky got even more amazing as night embraced it, and a thousand stars shone above the couple staying at the campsite near the Pangong Tso Lake. This night brought many romantic confessions and moments with it as they both enjoyed the beautiful location. As the night slowly descended into the sun's brightness, the lake too changed its hues with every ray that hit its surface.

The Pangong Lake is one of the most picturesque destinations in Ladakh and the most loved of all. This place is known to make tourists and visitors fall more in love with this amazing valley. The couple stayed at the campsite overnight and traveled back to Leh as soon as the sun came up. When asked about the unforgettable moments of her trip, Geetika recalled one of her favorite times, "I was mesmerized by the rainbow at Pangong Lake. I can never forget how beautiful and unique it looked, and the backdrop was stunning."

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As the tour came to an end, the couple were packed to return to their daily routine and were not so happy about it. Catching the next flight home, they wished they could stay a bit longer. In talks with Thrillophilia, Geetika revealed that she would never forget her beautiful journey to Ladakh. "Leh was a stunning place and it cannot be captured in a camera, no matter how good your camera is. The real deal is just breathtaking."

The Tokens From The Tale

We are all scared of confessions, be it to someone near and dear, to a person we do not know that well or just the thought of expressing our emotions overwhelms most of us. But if you ever wish to take on a journey to Ladakh to experience its beauty and confess your heartfelt desires in its valleys, take a note of this list by Geetika.

  • Day 1 of your trip is to get used to the height and weather, not to take on long excursions.
  • Acclimatization is an essential step for an excellent trip to the valley.
  • As much as you want to be dressed for great Instagram pictures, comfortable shoes are your best friend. And you are layering your clothes.
  • Always keep a bottle of water and stay hydrated.
  • Do not look for 5-star hotels; instead, stay close to nature and experience the comfort it provides.