A Trip Well Spend In Natural Bliss By Vijay And His Friends With Thrillophilia!

A Trip Well Spend In Natural Bliss By Vijay And His Friends With Thrillophilia!

"Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them."

A traveller from Hyderabad, Vijay Chunduri, has indeed been inspired by John Ruskins' words, and he's been visiting tourist attractions to see the Sun in a new light every time. Vijay is a financial genius in trade, but he enjoys travelling and making new friends on his adventures.

Originally from the city of nizams-Hyderabad, Vijay is an avid hiker who enjoys exploring the mountains, coastlines, and scenic beauty on nature trails. Kotebetta, the third-highest peak in the Coorg district of Karnataka, piqued his interest because of his admiration for the environment.

"Tadiandamol hike was the original plan from the beginning for me and four of my buddies. Later on we decided to take the Kotebetta trek which offers amazing tranquillity," adds Vijay when he describes the splendour of this place.

South India's Heaven

At an elevation of 1620 metres above the sea level, Kotebetta is sure to enchant travellers with all of its breathtaking views. Kotebetta, roughly translates to Fort Hill, was given its name because of its striking similarity to a fort's design. Additionally, the peak of the mountain is home to a Shiva temple, which draws devotees of Lord Shiva.

Inexperienced trekkers may need to mentally prepare themselves well before embarking on the Kotebetta trek, because it's not for the faint hearted. The journey from the foot of the mountain to the peak's crown is somewhere around 10 kilometres. To begin with, the trek is manageable, but it quickly becomes really difficult. In order to make the ascent easier, Vijay advises hikers to bring good-grip shoes.

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The Breathtakingly Beautiful Views

Once you've climbed to the top of Kotebetta, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views that prove the old saying "the best view comes after the hardest climb" is true. One of life's most rewarding experiences is taking in the view of the diverse landscape of nature!


Vijay experienced a sense of superiority and pride as the fresh breeze brushed against his face after trekking to the peak of the mountain alongside his four friends.

The Trek To The Peak

Only a few of Vijay's companions were experienced trekkers, so it was a very complex and challenging trek for the rest of the group. Regardless of the fact that they are novice hikers, he identifies his pals as enthusiastic and fun-loving men who are always up for an epic journey.

“It was really an exhilarating trek, as we pushed one another to full potential. In order to climb with, we even would wait a bit longer for people who were lagging behind. The fun thing about the trek was the constant series of pictures taken; it managed to keep our spirits up and going!" Vijay recalls the ascent as one of the most powerful moments of the trip.

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Snowy winter weather would occasionally cover up Vijay and his travelling companions. Vijay says he couldn't help but fall in love with the landscape as the group hiked towards the summit.  The weather was pleasant and added to the beautiful backdrop that surrounded the group.

The Pride Of Conquering The Mountain

The third-highest peak in Coorg, Kotebetta, demands a lot of effort and dedication to get to the top. He and his friends managed to keep each other going uphill by cheering one another on and assuring they didn't get very exhausted. With a group of hikers sharing stories, motivating each other, and snapping photos, they had a great time on the uphill journey. They would continue their trek while gazing up at the massive mountain, taking frequent rest stops to refuel.

After such a gruelling climb, they arrived at a wide open area and everyone regrouped again for a breathtaking view. When Vijay finally made it to the top, he felt a wave of joy and pride, like he's never actually felt before!

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“Upon reaching the summit, we all were delighted. In the middle of a sea of clouds, the lush greenery of the landscape was awe-inspiring. It was a once-in-a-lifetime feeling as we snapped photos and jumped with a feeling of accomplishment."

Vijay as well as his friends toured the area and took in the spectacular scenery of the Kotebetta mountain peaks, which tower over the nearby region.

"What I love most about the photos we took is that we would smile, clap, bounce for sheer delight, and burst out laughing as we snapped all those silly moments together.” Vijay, recalling the roller-coaster of feelings they felt on the peak of the mountain, says, "We actually found a sense of peace while gazing into the edge."

Having gone through such a rollercoaster of emotions, it was time for a hearty meal, and after the strenuous climb up a steep hill, it was well earned! There's nothing quite like having lunch on the peak of the trek to give you a boost of energy before embarking on a day of adventure. They were not disappointed by the nearby hills, which provided breathtaking views of the profound and vast valley. The group took a stop at this place and they captured it on camera.

Vijay and his pals had gathered priceless mementos before departing. He strongly recommends a trip to this paradise with friends and family for adventurers. It's also important to bring enough water, fresh fruit, and snacks for the trek because it can deplete the energy of inexperienced trekkers. He also advises visitors to Kotebetta to bring scarves with them due to the often-overcast weather.

The Love For Nature

Vijay was thrilled because he'd always wanted to get up close and personal with God's most magnificent creation. As soon as he returned from Kotebetta, he found himself missing the clean air and lush greenery.

The Bucket List

It's on Vijay's "bucket list" to visit Kudremukh and Kumara Parvatha. During the conversation, he mentioned his wish to see the sun rise over Kumara Parvatha. As a nature lover, he seriously thinks that there is no such thing as "too much" adventures with nature because nature has the power to amuse you at any given point with its variety and constantly shifting moods.