Sudeesh’s First Singapore Family Trip Review with Thrillophilia

Sudeesh’s First Singapore Family Trip Review with Thrillophilia

How does it feel to make your parents proud?

In Sudheer’s words, “It feels as if I have WON in life. As if I have conquered the entire WORLD”

Well, this is what Sudheer’s first-ever international trip to Singapore with his parents went like.

And guess who he trusted to make this possible….yes! Thrillophilia!

The beginnings of all things epic start with biting nails, tension, and a hell lot of anxiety. That is how Sudheer felt while planning a trip with his family. The process was filled with confusion, leading to almost dropping the plans, until he came across a Facebook post of Thrillophilia’s Singapore tour packages. Curious, he clicked on the banner and the rest of the journey became butter-smooth.

“Everything was on point and perfect!”, said Sudheesh on our last review call with him.

But how?

Actually, The Tale Is Very Simple To Tell

He had booked a trip from Aditi, a salesperson from our team. Since then all his anxiety and tension had gone for a stroll, never to return again…well, these are not our words, he had actually conveyed this message to us.

In his words, “Be it the payments, the itinerary, visa etc everything was taken care of by her so well! I just didn’t have to put in any work from my end, everything was taken care of.”

He exclaimed that he did not have to wait in queues or face any hassle regarding the entries to various attractions. The entire process went fluently, blending safety, excitement and lots of fun.

The Highlights In Flashback

Right from the time Sudeesh boarded the flight along with his family, he had been a tad bit sceptical of how things would turn out, he was not travelling solo, and the entire arrangement of his family lay on his shoulders.

But, after reaching Singapore and meeting the driver of the trip, his perception somewhat transformed. Chit-chatting on the way, they found out that he would be accompanying them as a driver to all the places mentioned in the itinerary.  Along with him, there would be one representative to help them regarding everything.

Sudeesh was still confused regarding the tickets to attractions, so he revised his itinerary again- Singapore Zoo, Madame Tussauds, Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium, Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay.

Anxiety hit him once more, and he asked the driver about the same. The driver on the other hand seemed more positive, he said ‘Do not worry sir, everything will be sorted’

But it did not assure Sudeesh much.

And then he reached the hotel.

That was it. Sudeesh was finally feeling confident about the trip after checking that the pictures of the hotel sent on WhatsApp were actually matching the reality. He turned to his parents, they were gleaming at him with a sparkle in their eyes.

Moments That Deserve The Whole World

Smiles are rare, and they are so valuable. But you don't realise their worth until they come with a catch.

The catch for Sudeesh was making the first international trip with his parents a super memorable one. And he was striving hard for it.

Then the first of smiles came like a gust of cool air at Madame Tussauds. He saw his parents having fun clicking pictures of each other with life-like statues of Obama and Shah Rukh Khan.

And then came the Singapore Zoo. His parents were surprised, more than glad, to see so many unique creatures for the first time in their lives. Animals like free-ranging Orangutans, white tigers, lemurs, and racoons stole their hearts. But that did not end there, their excitement doubled after visiting the SEA Aquarium! Sudeesh explained on one of the customer feedback calls on the 4th day of the trip, that he could not make his mother leave the aquarium, she perhaps got too attracted to a playful dolphin that kept entertaining her!

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The Grins, And The Tears

There are some moments that can't be explained, some beyond comprehension. For Sudeesh’s family, the last two days were a combination of both.

Sudeesh had arranged for a surprise at the last of the trip, he had organised an extravagant dinner at Ce La Vi, with a table overlooking the entire cityscape of Singapore. And to top it off, he had also planned to reveal his promotion on this date.

As the rest of the night unfolded, this family had become much more happy and close. Perhaps that is what our achievement has been, making a difference in people’s lives.

The Cogs In The Machine

Making someone smile is the hardest part of our job as a travel company, and also the most rewarding one.

With constant communication and on-time visa clearance, itinerary corrections and payments, Aditti had proved to be worthy of Sudeesh’s praise, so much so that he even included her name in his review! Sudeesh even complimented her on being a thorough and consistent salesperson, calling him for feedback every other day.

In his words, “ she had called him to ask me if there were any issues as I had skipped on the transport on that day, i loved the fact that she took her job so seriously!”

Finally, he concluded, “I’ll recommend Thrillophilia to my contacts now, and would like to visit with them again! Kudos to Thrillophilia and Aditi. Thanks for making my parent's 25th anniversary memorable! They would remember this forever"

We at Thrillophilia spend each day working for such happiness and satisfaction, and we are glad that we could make this happen for Sudeesh.

This, my friends, is the ultimate achievement for us.