Mother Daughter Duo On Adventurous Trip To Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

Mother Daughter Duo On Adventurous Trip To Ladakh With Thrillophilia!

Stay connected to nature, and to take a break once in a while by climbing a mountain or spending time in the woods. Let Nature cleanse your spirit." - John Muir

Travel is one of Jyotirmayee Mishra's passions. The only thing she does not have in her hat is a visit to Ladakh, the Land of High Passes. Thus, when she realized that she could travel to the heavenly land this year, she was giddy with excitement and immediately contacted Thrillophilia to arrange a Ladakh tour package.

Jyotirmayee enjoys traveling alone. She has traveled to India and Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. She grew restless until Ladakh was removed from her bucket list. Originally, Jyotirmayee and her mother intended to travel alone, but Jyotirmayee's mother persuaded her to join them, and the duo was ready to face the steep peaks together.


After a quaint, laid-back stay in Srinagar for four to five days and an excursion to the surrounding area, the two were now traveling to Ladakh via the Zoji La Pass. After ascending to higher altitudes, the scenery began to get more beautiful, and peaks covered in the snow became more frequent. During her journey to Leh, she engaged in another adventurous activity as well as river rafting. Their frequent snacks kept them amused along the long journey, and the picturesque scenery gave them a sense of how beautiful Ladakh would be. In a state of excitement, they continued walking to Leh's bustling town, in the midst of mountains.

Despite the exhausting journey to Leh, Jyotirmayee found it an amazing experience to discover herself in a spot she had always yearned to go. In the company of a small group, Jyotirmayee and her mother took a tour of Leh. The two of them toured the markets that were stuffed with handcrafted goods and local items and in which many tourists had gathered, keeping the roads busy. Additionally, they took part in a cultural program that gave them a deeper understanding of Leh's culture. A Ladakhi dress was also worn, which wasn't one of the more memorable moments in her journey but rather one of the happiest.

Leh is well known for the numerous Buddhist monasteries it houses. Buddhism is a rich source of teaching and learning in these monasteries. The minimal artifacts instill a sense of divinity. Mother and daughter took in the serenity of Sanchi Stupa, followed by a visit to Leh Palace to see its heritage. A tired pair of travelers headed to Nubra Valley following a day of exploring the city.

Jyotirmayee enjoyed staying at the cottage in Nubra's white, cold night desert when the campfire ignited good memories, flavorsome food, and laughter with the other travelers. She also made an enduring friendship with Monica, a Polish tourist, with whom she now shares an incredibly warm bond. After a merry chat with everyone, she headed home to prepare for the big event that was coming up.

Stunning Mountain Sojourn Highlights

Jyotirmayee was most enthusiastic about visiting Pangong Tso. From the pictures she had seen, she was captivated by the terrain. It was now time to realize her dream and see it in person. Together with her mother, she excitedly set off for the idyllic saltwater lake in the Leh region. As the pair journeyed towards Pangong Tso, changing terrains and high mountains captivated them.

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While staying at a cozy camp near the lake, Jyotirmayee experienced a calm as she had never experienced before. According to her, the most memorable part of the trip was viewing the lake's waters, which changed hues during sunset. Jyotirmayee had long wished to see this lake, and upon arriving, she was eager to capture every frame in her mind of the lake herself. It was impossible for her to get enough of the calm that radiated from the lake. The first sighting of the serene lake was simply breathtaking! According to her, the experience of seeing the lake will remain with her forever. In Pangong Tso, Jyotirmayee experienced sleeping under the stars that made a million stars smile at her.

She enjoyed camping opposite the idyllic lake. In the morning, after relaxing in the lap of nature for the night, it was time to depart Pangong Tso for a few days of exploration of the high passes which have influenced the region's landscape. They climbed into the cars to embark on an exciting journey of unparalleled scenery and high passes. Several passengers in the car complained that the air was getting thin, posing a breathing problem. Jyotirmayee, on the other hand, wishes to thank Thrillophilia for organizing oxygen cylinders in the vehicle, which allowed for a smooth journey.

Her most thrilling experience was scaling the majestic Khardung La. As she posed for photographs, she got a top-of-the-world feeling as she thought about the experience of visiting this insurmountable altitude of 18380 feet! The road ending at the end of Magnetic Hill was an interesting experience since the road longing for the horizon gradually touched the horizon, causing her to become aware of the long-distance she still had to travel. Next up was the mighty Chang La, the second-highest pass in Ladakh; scaling the mountain, she felt satisfied. Her journey to Ladakh was one of tranquility, adventure, and self-discovery.

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Female Solo Travelers' Paradise

As she rounds up her journey to Ladakh, she expresses her gratitude for the generosity and hospitality of Ladakhi people. Ladakh is considered to be a safe destination for women to travel alone. “Generally, the people are gracious, and the environment is a girls' haven," she concluded, summarizing her experiences.

In addition to her travels in India and abroad, her never-ending bucket list comprises almost all the locations in India that she would have liked to see. As a result, she is now planning to tour North India, a dream she has been longing to fulfill.

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