Keenan’s Epic Escape to Himachal with Thrillophilia

Keenan’s Epic Escape to Himachal with Thrillophilia

Growing up amidst the concrete forest of Mumbai, both me and my partner always wanted to explore Himachal and its beauty. To be honest, it is quite a popular destination amongst the youth, with bustling nightlife, natural landscapes surrounded by towering mountains, and multiple options for trying our adventure sports.

The plan started with an Instagram post of Thrillophilia. We saw that they were offering a summer discount on their Manali Kasol trip package and immediately we sent an inquiry on the website.

A salesperson named Ayushi called us and explained to us the entire itinerary, but we wanted to have a slightly different trip. She then informed us about their customisation options which won my heart! Assuring us that everything would be taken care of, she sent a diverse range of hotel and car options to choose from.

The booking process after that was basically paying the total amount, and the rest of the task was just waiting for the trip to start.

And when the day arrived, we were fully prepared. After reaching Delhi, we met our driver cum tour leader Vikas. He was a very helpful and considerate person who briefed us about the entire journey.

When we were all seated, he said ‘Kass ke baith jao janaab, hum pahado pe gadi chalate nahi hai, udaate hai’. (sit tightly sir, I do not drive my car in the mountains, I fly them)

!!!!!!! Wow !!!!!!!!

We both were super impressed.

And Our Roller Coaster Ride Began

The first stop was Shimla. Although we could not get tickets to the UNESCO-listed toy train ride, we caught a glimpse of the same. The entire scenery looked as if it had appeared straight out of a painting.

We drove through some amazing landscapes, feeling the cool mountain air wearing away all the dust from the Mumbai roads. We felt very relaxed, we were just keeping our fingers crossed for a smooth journey.

It was a long journey to Shimla, around 8 hours, and we were SO thrilled that the very day we went out for some beer. That ambience, that peace, that respite was truly unparalleled. I can still bet that no brewery in Mumbai can match that level.

The next day we were to leave for Kasol, and my partner was particularly awaiting for this part of the journey. Also, Kasol’s nightlife is a highlight of the place, and we had to experience that as well. There was no pressure to wrap things up early as the next day’s activity was sightseeing only.

We had opted for a camp stay in Kasol, just by the Parvati River, and it was fantastic. The morning went away chilling, and we could complete the sightseeing tour in time (thanks to Vikas for ‘flying’ his car in the mountains). The night was spent merrily dancing and singing around a bonfire just in front of our camp.

Travelling is Also About Listening

In between the journey, we received a couple of calls from Thrillophilia’s team asking us how things were going. And we honestly gave them our feedback, that there was no actual feedback! Everything was going as smoothly as planned.

On the way, Vikas was even telling us about the region and the lives of the people, their plights and their festivals, giving us the whole context of all the parades and processions we encountered on the road.

Once, we came across a wedding procession and I asked Vikas about their marriage rituals. He took a good 30 minutes to explain to us what happens at a wedding, and how it happens.

Manali Madness!

Yeh Jawani, hai puri diwani!

We could not hold our horses after reaching Manali. We asked Vikas to give us a small tour of the place, and he agreed willingly. He took us to his favourite spot, where we enjoyed cutting chai and samosas.

The services were very good, with amazing meals and top-notch service. The rooms were well–kept, and the bathrooms were fully functional (there was a geyser that sent hot water to the taps as well!). As we were the only private guests from Thrillophilia staying in the hotel, they took special care of us.

Now, the next stop was Solang Valley.

Here, we were there to tick off one of the major points on our bucket list- PARAGLIDING!!!!

We liked the activity so much that we did it twice. Gliding through the valleys, between the mountains, it was a surreal feeling. I made my heart race up so much that I thought it could win the Olympics perhaps…lol. Fear of flights? What's that?

Well, jokes apart,  it was one of the best things I did in my life.

Then Came The Next Best Part

Rohtang Pass.

How can you stop the heart that yearns for snow and mountains, and adventure and thrill? Especially when you are in a place that offers it all!

Our day was spent so nicely, having fun and frolicking in the entire place, playing with snow and falling in love with each other again!

I would not go into much detail about this day, because I am thinking of writing a short story about it.

Joking, the reason is that it is too good to be put into words. So, I will just let it be.

A Letter of Thanks

It was with a very heavy heart that we made our way back to Delhi. We did not exchange many words and had our meals in silence though. I thought such silence was the judgment factor of how your trip went. The bad ones end in chaos, the good ones in silence.


To Thrillophilia,

Thank you for guiding us throughout. Thank you to the amazing staff who would not let the sight of inconvenience near us. Thanks for the unconditional support and help.

And thanks for the amazing prices for such a diverse itinerary!

Apart from the fact that most of our bucket-list wishes were ticked off, this trip was worth cherishing because of the seamless arrangements and constant coordination that turned our Instagram-inspired plan into a reality.

Also, keep up your game because we are planning yet another trip with you guys this year! Take care till then!