Answering the Call of Mt. Everest: Abhimanue’s EBC Trek with Thrillophilia

Answering the Call of Mt. Everest: Abhimanue’s EBC Trek with Thrillophilia

It is strange how the worst of times can bring forth your deepest desires. The unknown urge that lies beneath the skin can be very easy to overlook or ignore, but when it makes itself seen, there is no way to unsee it.

It was during the Covid lockdown period that I was craving to go out and connect with nature in its rawest form. I was in my house, feeling arrested and suffocated for straight 8 months, but then I could not breathe any longer. I had to go for a trip when the flights started operating, so I booked the Hampta Pass trek in Himachal. Looking at the pictures of the frozen rivers and the spectacular beauty of snow-covered Himalayan peaks, a desire peeked through my heart and whispered something to my mind.

I had to undertake the EBC trek and witness the highest peak in the world- the great Mt. Everest!

The Preparation

It was not easy, I had to prepare myself a lot physically and mentally. People around me thought I had gone crazy, but I was determined. I gathered the trekking experience and trekking gear over 2 years and then the time had come to finally book my trip.

Researching is a major part of planning a trip, and in the process, I came across the packages provided by Thrillophilia on Google. I had already done treks with them before, so I knew well about their trekking services. Despite that, I thought weighing my options would fetch better results, but eventually, I went ahead with Thrillophilia.

And thank god I did.

The first two days went well. The stay at Thamel in Nepal was quite cosy and refreshing, with well-maintained rooms and healthy meals. The blankets were enough to keep us warm, and they were clean too, in case you are wondering.

The next day we had to leave for Lukla, and the flight was included in the itinerary. This was a highlight for me as Lukla Airport is known to be the World’s most dangerous airport. And I was curious to see what made it so… it was the altitude and the extreme location. It was difficult to land or take-off a flight there, so the pilot had to be very skilled to pull off the task so brilliantly.

The Moment Of Truth

On the acclimatisation day in Namche Bazar, I went for a small hike to Hotel Everest View to see the first glimpse of my destination, my almighty. It was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Highest-placed hotel in the world at 13000 ft. For the first time after long, I had tears in my eyes out of happiness, respect, reverence, and anticipation.

We had a nice time dining there as it is known to have one of the best restaurants in the Khumbu region. After coming back, we had to prepare for setting out on the trek the next day so we retired to bed early.

Over the next few days, all I could think of was survival and maintaining my will. We had to stay strong; had to put all these years of preparation and struggle into use.

The trek took us through some magical valleys and breathtaking trails. I was thinking as if the entire region was carved out of a dream and moulded by ice and water. This strenuous trek seemed worth it, all the aspects of it.

The needless sky and the needless vistas all melted into a thin blue line, and every morning greeted us, trekkers, with spectacular views, motivating us to push our limits because the great Almighty was calling us.


Things went exactly as I had planned, and there is no greater joy than watching one’s aspirations come true just as they imagined.

Judgement Day

I can't ever explain the feeling of standing at the base of Mt. Everest and looking up at it. I felt humane, I felt like a tiny speck of life living at the mercy of Mother Nature. I felt good.

There is another moment that I can never erase from my mind. A scenario still glowing brightly in my eyes - the day we trekked up to Kala Patthar to see the sunrise.

The sky was all black, slowly turning into deep blue…then light blue…and then appeared a speck of a thin red line from behind Everest. That red line slowly started to broaden, casting an orangish glow around itself. And then stunning hues all over the sky painted the white snow canvas of Everest in its own colours. It was a sight to behold, a sight that stayed with you lifelong.

This trek instilled humility in me, and my perspective on life and the world drastically changed on this trip.

Perks Of Choosing Thrillophilia

Well, since the day of booking, the representative stayed in constant contact with me through emails, WhatsApp and calls, updating me about all the nitty-gritty of the trek.

They have amazing on-ground connections and their options of stay are too good. I had immense fun travelling with them, especially with the knowledgeable guides and trek leaders. They were well-versed in English and Hindi. Upon this, the local staff gave us several insights about the Khumbu region. There was a local guide from Phakdin named Diwas who was helpful and supportive. He was friendly, and we bonded well. In his conversations, he told us about their livelihoods, their culture, and their way of life.

My entire experience with them has been so memorable that I will cherish them forever!

Suggestions For The Like - Minded

  • ALWAYS communicate in case of any hurdles or difficulties. The trek leaders are there to help you.
  • Train well and take acclimatisation hikes whenever possible.
  • Go at your own pace, do not try to match others, and take rest whenever necessary, your well-being comes first.

Finally, if you are planning the EBC trek, best of luck! Give it your best shot!